Don't worry... here you will find all the most frequently asked questions is a smart software from dog trainers for dog trainers, which connects you with your clients via app and manages all processes of successful dog training. is suitable for you if you want to work holistically and success-oriented with your clients. It is an innovative software solution for dog trainers that makes your everyday work easier and supports to reach more efficient and successfull dog training. offers you a unique platform for efficient communication between you as a dog trainer and your clients, makes dog training transparent, understandable and comprehensible and moreover training successes visible. You can look up more advantages here:

It doesn't matter whether it's puppy training or training with older dogs, behavior therapy or "classic" training: If your training involves a dog-human team, then is suitable for you. Important for people with large amount of clients: You find further information under “Is suitable for dog schools & assistance dog training?”. is basically suitable for all training sessions with dog-human teams. However, the special requirements of assistance dog training or larger dog schools cannot be fully met in the current version. We are working hard to improve in this field. Please be patient.

You will receive f.e.:

  • extensive information about the dogs (nutrition, health, behavior, etc.)
  • status updates on training and its progress
  • daily updated feedback on the well-being of your clients (People and dogs) both in overview (quick check) as well as a detailed check
  • reports on acute incidents, general profile and contact data.

Therefore it is important that your customers use the app regularly and share a lot of information with you.

You can use the simple and practical chat function in your web app for this. Your customers will find their chat in the app.

In the current version this is not possible yet.

Your customers can create any number of dog profiles in their account.

In the current version, only one account can be stored per dog. However, your customers can use it on as many end devices as desired (with the same access data). In addition, your customers can store several guardians in the dog profile. This enables them to provide you with a visible record of who has trained with the dog or who has been out and about with the daily feedback.

Ja, es gibt eine app. Diese ist zur Nutzung durch deine Kund:innen gedacht, um ihnen die Kommunikation und vor allem das Teilen von wichtigen Informationen mit dir zu vereinfachen. Hier findest du die Links zum Google Play und zum Apple App Store.

Simply click on Login or App in the menu if you are already registered.

You can start your free trial month immediately after registering and entering your payment information.

After your free trial month, your subscription will start automatically. Don't worry, you can also cancel during the trial month without incurring any costs.

After your free trial month, your subscription will start automatically. Don't worry, you can cancel during the trial month without any incurring costs. In addition, can be terminated on a monthly basis and will therefore run until you actively cancel it.

Your first month with is your free trial month. After that, the price of depends on the price package you have chosen. The price packages differ regarding the maximum number of connectable customers. You can find more details here:

Downloading and using the app is free for your customers.

At you can either pay by credit card, debit card or SEPA. The billing is on a monthly base.

You will receive your invoice monthly by e-mail. is available to you free of charge for a period of one month (= 30 days). After your free trial month, your subscription will start automatically. Don't worry, you can also cancel during the trial month without any incurring costs.

Attention, if you change during your free trial month within the three packages (Dachshund, Dalmatian, Dobermann), your paid subscription starts immediately. We know that this is not optimal - unfortunately there is currently no other way to process it. We are working hard to offer a better solution in the future. Please stay patient.

Of course, you can change your booked price package. As for now, however, an automatic or independent change of packages (from dachshund to Dalmatian, Dalmatian to Dobermann or other way round) is not possible. If you wish to change your prize package, please contact us directly via We will be happy to help you!

An independent or automatic exceeding is currently not possible. So you don't have to worry, this case cannot happen. However, if you want to change your package because you need more/less connected dog owners, please contact us directly via We are glad to help you!

Your account can be canceled monthly, the subscription ends at the end of the month of your cancellation.

You can also use the web app on a tablet. However, the web app is currently only optimized for your computer, which means that certain content may not be displayed optimally on the tablet. Would tablet use be important to you? If so, please let us know via If we get the feedback more often, we will be happy to include this option for the future

In the current version this is not possible yet. However, the app already enables your clients to shedule all their appointments centrally.

Your web app is currently only available in German. We are working hard to make them available in English as well. The app for your customers is already available in German and English.

Yes, adheres to all legally required guidelines. Here you will find the link to our privacy policy:

If you have any questions, please write to us directly via

We will be happy to help you! It may happen that the processing of your request takes a little longer, but we promise that we will do our best.

Unfortunately no. If you want to create an account on the mobile App to connect with your WebApp profile for testing purpose - please make sure to use two different email-adresses.