smart solutions for smart trainers

Together for a harmonious partnership

between human and dog - the innovative software solution that facilitates your job by supporting more efficient and success-oriented dog training.

Human sitting with Dog

How it works is a smart software by dog trainers for dog trainers. It connects you with your clients and manages all your tasks of successful dog training.

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offers a unique platform for efficient communication between dog trainers and dog owners

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makes dog training transparent and easy to understand

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makes training successes visible

Your Advantages!

We increase your efficiency! enables you to manage your clients more easily and efficiently, having everything you need in one place and at one glance. simplifies your client management through fast and standardized processes, giving you more time for what is really important: practicing with your clients and their dogs.

We solve your communication chaos! serves as your sole communication channel with your clients. With the chat function you can not only stay in touch, but also exchange photos and videos. You no longer need to gather your information from different channels.

We set you apart from the competition!

The innovative software and customer app offer you an additional sales argument and expand your range of services. With you position yourself as a modern dog trainer and offer your customers easy access to successful dog training. Your customers will love your state-of-the art services.

We make you and your customers successful! offers optimal options to track and manage the training progress of your clients. The customer app is simple and intuitive, so that training data can be entered quickly and daily. This makes training more successful and your clients happier in the long run.

We know what you need! was developed by dog trainers for dog trainers. Because only passionate dog trainers know about the challenges you face on the job. is constantly being developed to offer you new functionalities.

Functions in the web app for you (trainer)

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Web App

Work conveniently in your browser

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Digital customer profiles

All the info at one glance

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Training plans

Create exercises and send them directly to your customers via the app icon


Clear overview of your customer’s training progress and comments

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Stay in touch with your customers

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Mobile App

Your customers and you are connected via the App (iOS + Android)

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Training plans

Easy planning and access to your training sessions, anywhere and anytime

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Calendar feature

Trainings, schedule and diary at one glance Training evaluation and daily check-ins guarantee your success

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Daily check-ins

Training evaluation and daily check-ins guarantee your success

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Easy exchange of messages, photos and videos


Dachshund (S)

7,90 €

/ Month (net plus VAT)

From 1,58 € / per connected dog owner1

Included features

  • Up to 5 connected dog owners
  • 1 month free trial2
  • Cancel on a monthly basis
  • Includes all features

Dalmatian (M)

15,90 €

/ Month (net plus VAT)

From 1,06 € / per connected dog owner1

Included features

  • Up to 15 connected dog owners
  • 1 month free trial2
  • Cancel on a monthly basis
  • Includes all features

Dobermann (L)

29,90 €

/ Month (net plus VAT)

From 0,07 € / per connected dog owner1

Included features

  • Up to 400 connected dog owners3
  • 1 month free trial2
  • Cancel on a monthly basis
  • Includes all features

About Us

We all know the almost romantic stories of companies that were founded in garages. Well - let`s be honest - we are in the 21st century and live in a big city. Garages are usually just parking spaces with dim lights and a slight mustiness to them, and we didn't want to make it quite so uncomfortable for ourselves. So our pink couch became our magical place. On it we gave birth to in classic founder fashion – and admittedly with a bottle or two of wine. It started as a cute puppy that soon became a handsome, energetic dog. Try for free for one month and you will see your dog training business grow to a new level. Your customers and you will love it!

Yours truly: Dani, Melly, Markus, Philipp & Nicole (behind the camera).

Daniel and her Dog

The mastermind behind is Dani. As a dog trainer and behaviorist she had to struggle with the same difficulties as you probably do, too. Dani started looking for a solution and through talking with other dog trainers she realized that there was no tool (yet) that solved the specific challenges for dog trainers. So Dani's mission was clear: Since there is nothing yet, we had to do it ourselves! It didn't take much convincing and the team was on board. With we have created something that facilitates your operations, makes training progress more visible and gives you more time for what is really important: working with your dog-human teams.


Picture of Daniela Tschurtschenthaler

Daniela Tschurtschenthaler

CEO, dog trainer and behaviorist & mastermind

Picture of Nicole Butulla

Nicole Butulla

Content, Community & organizational genius

Picture of Melanie Hasenauer

Melanie Hasenauer

Operations, People & Helicopter Mum

Picture of Markus Kirchmaier

Markus Kirchmaier

Product, Sales & Number Nerd

Picture of Philipp Kammerer

Philipp Kammerer

Marketing, Strategy & Nit-Picker