Why journaling is a game changer for successful dog training.

Daniela Tschurtschenthaler

All dog people know them: those moments when you ask yourself why nothing works, why the dog is particularly stressed that day, well-placed signals do not work or the dog is not feeling well. That's when the guessing starts and you really can't figure it out - what was going on in the situation or this particular day.

And here's the point: behavior is influenced by many external and internal factors - both positive and negative. This often is not just limited to the one moment when you realize that something is wrong. Even situations and influences from hours and days from the past can have an effect on the behavior of the dog. So it seems very hard, nearly impossible to to find the problem and all triggers or?

No! It's actually very simple: By writing a diary day by day, in which everything that happened is recorded. With this method, on days when pretty much everything goes wrong, you can check again which event or which factors contributed to your dog being terribly stressed or not wanting to leave his bed.

However, writing this classic diary, i.e. this little booklet in which you used to write with a pen or pencil every day, is tedious and also can be completely confusing. The muse quickly leaves you and after a few days the booklet ends up in the corner and gathers dust - I feel you, it was exactly the same for me.

And at some point I had the brilliant idea: Let's make it modern, intuitive and easy - so that it's fun and at the same time you have a huge benefit of this diary.

With the appli.dog app you keep a diary on several levels:

  • Quick Checks capture the key questions about the day with one click
  • The diary allow you to fill out pre-set questions that are relevant for you and your dog. You will be taken through the diary step by step, so it will be quick, but you won't miss or forget anything important.
  • Diary entries are for you to record additional thoughts

And the best thing about it: Your trainer, with whom you are connected via the app, can see at one glance if you and your dog are having difficulties. Therefore your trainer can get in touch with you directly (this is also possible via the app) and help you. This is what writing a diary and dog training looks like nowadays.


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